P.T. Standard Toyo Polymer (STATOMER) was established in 1975 as a business cooperation between Indonesia and Japan. With initial capital of US $4,000,000, the purpose of this joint venture was to develop an international polyvinyl chloride (PVC) business and petrochemical industry in Indonesia, with the help of technology from Tosoh Corporation in Japan.


Our plant is located on a 12.6 hectare (126,000 square meters) area in the province of Banten. Operations commenced in 1977 with a yearly PVC manufacturing capacity of 24,000 metric tons. In line with market growth, we increased capacity in 1979, 1982, 1987 and 1992. Today, STATOMER has a yearly capacity of 82,000 metric tons, with potential for 89,000 metric tons.


The name STATOMER originates from the company’s motto comprising the Indonesian words of STAbilitas (stability), TOtalitas (totality), and MERata (equality). For a much deeper understanding, each word has its own meaning: Stability in working environment, quality, service and production level; totality in professionalism and responsibility; and equality in justice and treatment to customers and employees.

With a workforce of 135 employees, we are continuously making every necessary effort in improving its quality assurance, service, and also its contribution to the society.